Kaas Plateau of Flowers

Kaas…Well known as the Valley of Flowers in Maharashtra. But actually its a plateau situated near Satara, around 130km from Pune. Follow the link for the route to Kaas from Pune.


The best time to visit Kaas is particularly after monsoon. Late August & Septembar being the ideal season, Kaas attracts a lot of crowd during this time. So to get some isolation, try to make it on a weekday. A sincere request, if you are visiting this place dont stamp on the flowers please. A lot of tourist are doing so and destroying the natural wonder littering around and plucking the flowers. Be responsible and act like educated people.

Though the plateau is almost barren for the rest of the year, during monsoon, the plateau blooms up with of flowers, with a few rarest of varieties ever seen. The plateau is rich in minerals, which are necessary for these flowering plants to survive.

Enjoy the treat…

6 comments on “Kaas Plateau of Flowers

  1. Bhavin says:

    hi, really nice photography there! Came here from a forum while searching for info about shifting my bike from Ahmedabad to Pune or Kalyan. Still to figure out the best way! Anyways, nice to visit your blog. Your info says you are a designer, what do you design?

    • ashutoshmahajan says:

      Thanks a lot. Well…the best way always is to drive. Designer…That’s just out of interest,a hobby you can say, not profession.Coreldraw, photoshop… have designed websites, logos, posters, etc

  2. Beautiful shots. Showing all the natural and vital beauty and diversity you can find along the way.

  3. Thankyou 🙂
    I am glad you liked them

  4. vishalt says:

    hello, did you go to Kaas plateau recently ? have the flowers bloomed ? how was the weather ? clear or cloudy ? what about permissions, photography, etc ?



    P.S. great writeup and pictures 🙂

    • Hi Vishal…Thanks a lot. These are last year’s pics. Sept is the best time to go. Peak time for the bloom. It is cloudy if it is raining. But do a weather check before you go, choose a sunny day and you might get good light. And anyways, it just drizzles so its pleasant, not heavy rain as such. This year I read they’ll impose some charges to take your camera there. No idea if it’s implemented yet or not.

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you find more interesting stuff. You can go through Ride To Ladakh Tag.

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