Bhigwan – A Visual Treat for Bird Lovers

Bhigwan – Surely one can call this place as the Bharatpur of Maharashtra.
Situated in South Central Maharashtra, Bhigwan is a part backwaters of Ujni Dam, one of the largest dam reservoir in India. The reservoir provides a perfect place for the birds to spend their winters, with ample of fish available to feed on, and more important, the mangrove like habitat along the bank.

How to Reach :

Bhigwan is around 100kms from Pune City, on Pune-Solapur-Hyderabad Road. Best mode of transport should be personal vehicle. MSRTC buses plying between Pune-Solapur can drop you at Bhigwan and are available from Swargate Bus Stand in Pune. It would take around 2 hours for a car/bike, but around 3 hours by a bus owing to the heavy traffic.

Best Season :
Most of the migratory birds arrive during November and December. However, Flamingos, the main attraction of the site arrive only after Jan-Feb. Best time to reach is early morning and you can view the unique fishing techniques exhibited by the birds. Birds aren’t that camera shy and often show up themselves in their natural way. But it is always better to maintain a distance. Once they fly away, better keep popcorn/peanuts for timepass.

6 comments on “Bhigwan – A Visual Treat for Bird Lovers

  1. Really beautiful bird pictures!

  2. Praneti says:

    Wonderful photos! 🙂

  3. sameer shaikh says:

    can you help us to place the nests for birds in pune city and around?
    We will arrange the nests.

  4. Snehal says:

    Beautiful bird pictures & Very Usefull info…Thanks. I am going on 5th jan to Bhigwan…

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