Planet Earth

Just came across a fantastic video in between and I would love to share it with the world.
There is a comment below the video,and the words seem so true after watching it…

“After seeing this, I have to say: Fuck university. Fuck education. Fuck jobs. This is what you want! To just get out there and experience the world. Just get out of your home, pack a bag, buy a tent and then just get out of the city. Out in the wild, man. Out where you just have to survive and observe the nature. We might be sitting and reading our asses of day after day trying to get a high education, but the highest education is not found in books. It is found out there – in the wild!”

2 comments on “Planet Earth

  1. Vineet says:

    You have no idea, how many times I’ve wanted to just leave everything behind and buzz off like the movie Into the Wild. I like to travel a lot, and usually cover short or long distances on the bullet.

    I’m doing a ride in July, what I call the Rain Gods of India which would cover around 3500 kms from Mumbai all the way to the south! Should be good fun!

    Happy bloggin!

    • ashutoshmahajan says:

      South in monsoon….Whoa!!! Superb plan! Best time for it.
      And when it comes with a bullet, nothing more one would wish.
      Best luck!

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