A Street Vendor

There is a fruit vendor (I don’t know his name,but lets call him ‘T’)who I usually observe just below my apartment which is on the corner of a square.There are some 2-3 vendors who are regular at the spot.But there is something special about this one.He arrives at 9-10am and he is sold out till 4-5pm. While the others carry the same load for 2-3 days.I figured out some points that he follows.Lets talk technically…

1. Product

T always has something different,unusual, which the other vendors never have.Last week he got such a fantastic variety of grapes that anybody having a glance would be tempted to buy,to try what this new stuff is. Watermelon, while every other vendor had those white/green huge melons, this guy had small, dark green/black melons, which are not regular in the racks anywhere. Both of the grapes and the melons were one of the sweetest I’ve ever tasted.
Conclusion:Even though he had competition,T just tried to go out of way and bring something different,better,attractive. A customer always tries stuff which looks good.And along with it,if it tastes good,only a fool won’t buy it.

2.Quantity & Quality

While the other vendors were loaded to full capacity,T had only some 70% of it. But as I said earlier, the other ones took 2-3 days to sell the lot while T could sell it off in a day.So many of the regular customers know that he always has fresh stock.
Conclusion : Overloading could have cost T lesser.But it would have taken more time.Also,fruits are perishable.One night is well enough to decrease their value. Better to load limited quantity of fresh stock everyday.


The cost T offers for his products is always higher than others. If the other vendors are selling a melon for Rs.60,T sells that much smaller melon for Rs.50.if the customer bargains,he suggest them to visit the other vendors and buy the bigger one.

Conclusion: This develops a sense of trust among customers.And as always said,better things are costlier!! People always prefer to buy the better ones.

4. Commitment & Compromise

It is difficult on a sunny day to stand in the heat all day.But still T,always grabs the prime spot and never moves.The other vendors on the other hand have a nap in shadow sometime in afternoon,chai n stuff.T only moves when he’s finished.
It happened once that I saw T till 8-9pm with few bunch of grapes left.Well I am his regular customer,so I went to him and asked.He was cool and just answered ‘hota hai…’ I was amazed by that chill. And later he offered me everything he had for Rs.50. Which on weighing was about 2kg.And his rate was Rs.60/kg.
Conclusion : T made some good money while the others were sleeping. Commitment & dedication are always key to success. At the end,he could have waited,but T compromised and offered me the last chunk of his lot.Most of it for free.It did nothing but made me happy and he was free to pack up.

Business is business,let it be Apple Corporation or a fruit vendor.

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