Japan 日本

Somehow Japan has been one of the countries I do respect a lot. The main reason being the people,their attitude.Their hunger to strive,work,develop and flourish.

If we consider the situation in World War 2,first of all,just compare the size of Japan ~ 145k sq miles,and which is less than the area of California state in US. Still,the nation dominated the war for most of its duration. The Allied powers that fought Japan clearly had an advantage when it came to men (meaning women and men), materials, and money. The population of the United States of America in 1940 was 132,164,569 whereas the Japanese Empire had a population of 97,697,555. Numbers, and eventually science and technology, were on the side of the United States of America.

Still, the Japanese were successful in capturing most of the Pacific and were aiming Australia,when the US Marines stroke back.

Yes the Japanese were being defeated, but their eventual defeat would be tremendously expensive in terms of Allied and Japanese lives lost, both military and civilian. Millions would have died because the Japanese people were prepared to fight to the bitter end: kamikazee planes, suicide boats, 2,350,000 military personnel, 250,000 garrison troops, and 32,000,000 men and women in the militia were “pledged, even eager, to die for the emperor”
The nuke attack at Hiroshima & Nagasaki was just a matter of chance. The Americans took it first,else the Japanese would dropped a fewer more.

Even after terrible defeat in the war,the extreme damage couldn’t lower the the potential of the Japanese,& within few years,Japan stood as the 2nd largest economy in the world for a long time,recently overtaken by China.
About technology,they are leading the world in many sectors such as electronics,automobile,nuclear programs and what not….

Seriously….Hats Off to Japan!!!

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