Creativity Starts from Belief

‘Creativity Starts from Belief’

I remember…I was 11 or something,in 6th class.I was real fond of a Music system,with two big speakers which were rocking in market those days,but very costly. What we had at home was a small 2 in 1 stereo player.I was aware that getting a music system from dad for birthday was impossible,still I tried once,and obvious answer was no.In between,some of my friend’s bro had done an experiment at his home with his stereo.He had a big empty water pot or a Matka,and he kept the speaker on the mouth of that matka. The volume of the matka was enough to provide a nice and good quality amplification.

There it was,the next day,after school,ran to home,luckily got hold of an old pot which was dumped into store room.And then,for some days,it was just me,the matka,the stereo,some screw drivers and bolts.Even after getting a good bash from dad not to touch the stereo which was perfectly working,I screwed it down.Went through the connections,studied the wiring scheme for hours.I had to do all that only during dad’s office hours.The stereo used to be on its original place before he arrived.

Finally I understood the entire circuit and everything,all I needed was a long wire.I even got another big jar,the one used to store pickles 😉 for the other speaker(it was 2in1 right!!). Next day,got the wires,removed the old connections,and connected new long wires WITH FEVICOL, instead of soldering.Coz Then I thought soldering was such a big thing and it would need some big machine to melt and join the metals. Finally, the speakers were on the matka and the jar,which were on the top of the racks in two corners of the room.

And then was the moment,the second I pressed the play button,I couldn’t believe my ears. The sound was superb.You can call it home theater effect,with good quantity of bass in it.No distortions,no noise level nothing.Then what,the volume went to its max,proportional to my excitement,because I WAS SUCCESSFUL IN CREATING SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING !!!
Even my mom n dad were speechless as they too heard the sound,and obviously it was some 347 times better than the older stereo sound.

I still don’t understand how I did it.It was just my will pushing me forward with no fear.
‘It was because I believed that I can do it’

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