Living the best moments again

Just came across a nice video in between,thought of sharing it….

Sometimes I just feel like getting a time machine from somewhere and go back to some special moments.Yeah that’s not really possible.
How strange it is that sometimes some incidences are carved into our brains so precisely that we remember each and every second of that moment.The conversations we have had,jokes we had shared and laughed till our throat chokes up. Some patent dialogs of friends that we never forget,some weird acts putting friends in trouble,and others enjoying it !!
When we leave a place where we have been for years and we know that we are never gonna come back there…The moment when everyone waves you goodbye forever,with everybody aware of the fact things would never be like this again.How difficult it is to convince our mind to accept facts that our soul is not willing to !!
Wish I could go back in time and live those moments again….somehow 😦

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