Mumbai a Bit

It’s been half of my present life that I have been associated to this city : Mumbai. Indeed it deserves to be called “The City That never Sleeps”. Every tick on the clock matters here. You miss one of it,you lose much more than only the second! Everybody is just afraid of the so-called express life in Mumbai, but there are almost 2 crore people today living in this worthy city.

The most fearful are the locals, they are actually fun rides if we consider in one manner, though full of risk these days:). Especially for one is not well acquainted to the system.
Some common questions asked by the amateurs in locals:
1. Which is the next station?
A typical Mumbaikar would wake up from half of his sleep and answer him without seeing around or looking at the watch.
2. On which side the platform will come?
A great confusion arises in mind when we have only two option to select and a few seconds left to choose. Well the amateur just gazes how do the people learn it,when they start gathering around the right door before the station comes.
3. How much time will it take to go to xyz place?
And the answer comes somewhat like 7-8 min, 10-12 min. Now for the amateur, this buffer of 2 minutes doesn’t matter. Again a question mark in his mind, why are these people so accurate?
4. Would I get any space to sit in the local train?
I would like to answer this question : Locals are not to sit or stand,they just serve one purpose…travel.However you can, its a do or die situation. Not only sit or stand,but other actions such as hanging, floating in crowd…blah blah are also taken into consideration.
5. If the local train needs only 10 minutes to reach the destination, why not better catch a taxi?
The new comer is totally unaware that 10 minutes in local is sometimes equivalent to 1 hour ride owing to the fish traffic in Mumbai.
The list wouldn’t end….

Still,whatever Mumbai is, however difficult it is to survive here, it is the Economical Capital of India, a multi-lingual, multi-cultured, most diverse, most challenging, and one of the fastest growing metros in the world.

3 comments on “Mumbai a Bit

  1. guessworker says:

    Yep! That’s Mario Mirand’s Mumbai.

  2. Rohan Kalia says:

    Great work. Really, aamchi Mumbai rocks.
    Awesome photography just added to the effects!

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