The bike loading drama : 2


The real drama started next day when we reached the station at 10.30am to board the train. Quickly loading our stuffs and taking a look at the seats, me and Chinmay both ran off to the parcel van. Again the same terrible havoc, worse than yesterday’s.
Let me tell you something about Paschim Exp…..
The train starts from Bandra and terminates at Kalka and Amritsar. Now how is that possible. One train, two destinations? Yeah, it is possible. The train gets split at Ambala and half part goes to each of the stations. Chandigarh comes on the Kalka route. And the parcel van for Kalka is always fully loaded, the Amritsar one being empty.
So, back to the story…..
I saw 2 out of 4 bullets I was told which already had booking. But only one of our bikes was in the queue. I was damn hot furious. I called Mannan(the borker guy). He came panting with our bikes’ receipt and told me to wait for some time and there was a small problem. Few seconds later I saw the railway guard basking at him that “do the hell you want I won’t take any of your bike, there is no room.” Mannan came to me said, “Don’t worry, I’ll arrange for one bike, the other one I’ll send by tomorrow’s train. I just gave him a look without saying “Fuck you man, I want my bikes with me right now in the train.” But the guard was adamant and so helpless was Mannan.


Meanwhile I saw the Bullets being loaded. On that sight I literally felt to get off the train and go driving. The bikes were placed on each other horizontally as in a rough picture I’ve drawn. I won’t have ever allowed to keep my bikes like that. Meanwhile Mannan had taken Chinmay somewhere with him and i saw both of them running towards me. Mannan said, ”there is only one way out of the problem, you will have to load the bikes in the Amritsar Parcel van and unload it at Chandigarh as that part of train would be going to Amritsar later on. And then load it in some other train from Ambala to Chandigarh as we won’t get the delivery at Ambala since the booking receipt is upto Chandigarh.”
I had no other option but to say yes. I knew what problems I was going to face because of that bullshit. I was shouting and barking like a wild dog on Mannan and he was just trying to keep cool. He told me that all the screwup happened because the regular guard was off duty that day and the other one is a real jackass. Meanwhile the train started moving I hadn’t paid Mannan. We three jumped in the moving train and I placed 4000 bucks instead of 4500 in Mannan’s hand for the bullshit what happened and told him that it was his responsibility to have backup for such situation.
The train started taking pace, so Mannan’s heartbeats. Still I refused to pay him a single rupee more. HE SMILED AND JUMPED OFF THE TRAIN. Yeah, for a minute I dint believe my eyes. I thought he’ll give a chase. But he didn’t even turn around and I saw him walking away until the train left the platform. Me and Chinmay kept gazing and wondering, totally numb and wordless.
We took our seats and took a sigh of relief that we finally boarded the train with the bikes.


The branch is just half cut uptill now…..

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