The bike loading drama :1


Finally we got our reservations done by Paschim express from Mumbai upto Chandigarh for 9th of June. I had planned to be in Mumbai by 6th of June to make all arrangements for loading the bike along with me in the same train. But I had to go to Nagpur for some stuff to complete for a day but I got late there and it was midnight on 7th I reached Mumbai.
The next day me and my partner Chinmay went to Bandra station and saw the havoc there in parcel office. I was stunned to see the drama which was going on there. The moment we entered the station, there was a hoard of people hovering around us with suspicious eyes like we are terrorists. The moment I entered the office for inquiry, a guy tapped me on the back and asked me that whether I wanted to parcel a bike anywhere. I pushed him away…shutup man let me talk to the officer there, who was busy settling a deal with other two people in an extremely rash language. I again came out to take a look around for any fare list but there was none. Finally I was grabbed by the same man who tapped me and we told him that we wanna book 2 bikes in luggage till Chandigarh with us in the same train tomorrow. He simply turned around for a sec and said, “yeah, you bring the bike I’ll do it for you, 3000 lagega”. I was like…what the fuck, I’ll better drive all the way. I had a judgement that it’ll take around 1500 bucks. But I was shocked to listen what he said. Off course he was a broker and I knew the actual railway fare would be much lesser. I again went to the parcel office and asked for the fare. There it was, around 1450. But the man said, ”there are already 4 bikes booked for tomorrow and it won’t be possible for your bikes to fit in,we’ll send it in next batch after two days”. No chance I’d have waited in Chandigarh for two days for my bike to reach after me.
So finally I had to talk with the broker who was saying not a penny beyond 2700. Prior to this incident, I had sent my bro to the same place for inquiry of the same and he got a broker’s visiting card and Chinmay had called him up the same morning from my home. Seeing me there, the broker2 called up at my home and got my number. Further after talking to him, I got a better deal, 4500 bucks for both the bikes. We took a sigh of relief and packed both our bikes and completed rest of the formalities.


The real drama started next day when we reached the station at 10.30am to board the train…….to be continued…..

P.S. : I was totally unaware that the I would be the man in the picture above.

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