Gearing up for LADAKH

Thanks to the “Yesterday’s nothing but today’s everything-INTERNET”. It was the only source for every information that I needed. If we hit the search on google for journey to Ladakh, some of the prominent sites appearing are,,and last but not the least which I think some of the best. Also forums like are real informative where people put in their experiences and also some guidelines for tedious routes.
For everybody who had not been to Ladakh must go through as much as photographs of the place.Because when I used to do it, everytime it acted like a fuel in the fire of desire to be there. The more I surfed through the snaps, went through the blogs, the more stronger the desire grew. Many of the sites suggest a long list of stuffs to keep together…
1.For the bike….a spark plug,puncture kit,extra tube,bulb,clutch n accelerator wires,petrol can….blah blah…
2.For myself……EXTRA pair of warm clothes and shoes,this n that cream,sleeping bag,blah blah…

But seriously, I hate to drive with backups. If you have everything with you, every comfort, then what’s the adventure???? I had nothing of the above said stuff in my luggage. Already my bag was too large to carry and I was supposed to carry it on my shoulders. About petrol cans, there is no need to carry, it is available at just 50 bucks for 5lit and 100 for 10lit at Tandi, the last petrol pump.Also there is no need of sleeping bag. Every hotelwala provides a thick rajai at every place with no extra rent. But if you plan to pitch your own tent, then sleeping bag is must. Even then, only sleeping bag wont do at places past keylong.
A week before the journey, i got my bike fully serviced with every part checked. Replaced some old and unreliable parts like clutch and accelerator wires. Air filter is something that has to be taken care like your dear one while driving on such high altitudes. Because already the oxygen level is down and if filter chocks out air supply, the bike goes totally dead number of times. Oil change is must as usual. One thing I forgot to look upon was shock absorbers, I missed that in hurry actually. That was the only part I forgot to see and somethings did went wrong in the journey, not for me but for the bike. Still the problem was meagre and dint create an issue.
So I was all set and so was my bike for the Ride To Ladakh…..

One comment on “Gearing up for LADAKH

  1. prachi says:

    wow dude I never imagined you and Pen going arounf like THIS!!!
    Amazing start just keep the pen up and not down throughout your life. Iam sure u must be finding solace in writing as I do. Because its simply amazing. You must read the Book by my cousin, A ghost of che : A motor bike ride through space time love and life

    all the best..


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