Loosing the Foot

Some Years Ago……..

I was just surfing around the TV at a boring evening at home when something caught my eye.The channel was Discovery and some program on traveling was going on which i really don’t remember.A few bikers with heavily loaded bullets were a group of hosts who were narrating their experiences.All of them were from Australia and I was just wondering how beautiful is the place on sight of their videos.Though the names of the places were sounding familiar to my ears,I dint give much thought about it and just kept watching the natural beauty.Gigantic mountains with steep slopes.A rivulet,may be river flowing along the road in the valley.I was totally mesmerized by the scene.

And in between somebody said that The Heaven in India-Ladakh.Stunned was I when i heard that line and there was a big question in my mind…Is this place really in India?

Soon after the show ended I went to checkout the map and then I saw that Yeah…this place isn’t that far from where I had stuck my butt.From that day I had it in my mind that one day I’ll go to this place,that too on a bike.Also further I came to know that the world’s highest motorable roads are located in this region which really added oil to the fire.


It is almost past a month that i had been to Ladakh,yes on my own bike.And I would be happy to share my experiences with everybody.
So,be in touch with this article,I’ll post the next one soon.

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